About me

I'm Marguerite, 38 years old, and I founded Le Palais des Bricoles in 2010 with the aim of sharing with you my love of beautiful crockery from previous generations, and small pieces of furniture and decorative objects that are sometimes trendy and sometimes a little outdated, but always charming!

After a degree in Business Administration (IUT), 4 years at the École du Louvre and a number of experiences in the various trades of the Art Market, the idea of finally launching my online second-hand shop was rather innovative at the time.

For the past 13 years, I've been buying, collecting, salvaging and meticulously sorting objects that are methodically stored in my warehouse south of Orléans. Even today, I can't get enough of this tedious but marvellous work, with its insatiable curiosity and desire to unearth new nuggets!


I wish, through the Palais des Bricoles:
  • Combine need and pleasure

I like the idea that beauty and utility complement each other harmoniously.
Each of our objects has a story to tell... the one it tells you or the one you imagine. What could be welcoming than being surrounded by antique objects?
Let yourself be tempted by beautiful and durable objects by surfing on my site from your sofa.

  • Promote and transmit objects from arts and crafts

These objects are our identity and contribute to our global reach. Proof of this are the very many Manufactures present on the territory (Sèvres, Cristal de Baccarat, Toile de Jouy, Dentelle d'Alençon, Faïence de Gien or Quimper are some examples).
I am proud of this heritage and happy to participate in its transmission.

  • To be the relays for a more responsible way of consumption

Why buy new when you can have a unique and historic object?
Why rebuild something that already exists?

Buying at the Palais des Bricoles also means taking an ecological and responsible approach.

Le Palais des Bricoles is:
  • More than 1500 references online and much more in my warehouse.
  • New products several times a month, to be discovered in preview for subscriber's or via Facebook and Instagram.
  • A maximum "green" approach, all items are sent in packaging and recovered paper. On the other hand, we always offer you hand delivery to avoid excessive packaging and shipping costs! For those who cannot travel, no problem, we also deliver everywhere in France and abroad.

Now it's your turn to play ! Let your imagination run wild: collect, associate and invent a new life for these objects awaiting adoption.
You can leave them as they are in a totally authentic spirit or customize them and divert them according to your inspiration!

Important : Defects, signs of the passage of time, are always reported as precisely as possible in our descriptions.




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